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OUR Creative CREDO:

A - Z

A)cknowledge and consider all opinions.

B)e kind.  It's as simple as that.

C)reativity comes from gaining experiences and then forgetting all that you've learned.

D)on't be afraid of messing up, only be afraid of not doing your best or not doing at all.

E)njoy the process

F)ind time to do something that makes your soul happy every day.

G)ood work is easy, great work is hard.  always do great work.  It'll be worth it.

H)onesty - all the time. 

I)nspire.  It should be the driving force behind all that you do.  

J)ust show up on time.  It makes life easier for everyone.

K)now when to stand up for what you believe in and when to step back.

L)isten.  Ssshhhh...  Just listen.

M)eet or beat deadlines.

N)ever say 'never'.

O)pportunities only come when you create the environment for them to flourish.  

P)atience & perseverance.  It takes both.

Q)uit it and move on if it doesn't work.  Sometimes even your best ideas should only remain ideas.

R)esearch is your friend. 

S)uccess can come from the most unlikely and unsuspected routes.

T)ry something new.  Experiment.  Explore.

U)nique - do things from your heart and it will always be unique.

V)iew problems as challenges.  There is always an answer and it's up to you to find it.

W)hen hard times happen, and they will happen, accept them, learn from them and then keep moving forward.

X)marks the spot.  the X is quality.  Stay the course.  

Y)ou may be wrong.  I may be wrong.  how you deal with it is what determines your character.

Z)ero in on doing something great, work on it every day and you will achieve your goal.

written by Vincent Chavez for Clean and Simple Studios.  Do not use without permission of the author. 

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