as a kid looking around and seeing the potential of beauty in everything.  I'd get frustrated that a remote control was anything but logical, that cluttered and busy design that did not support it's message was prevalent, and that all the houses seemed to look the same, and when they were unique, they were way beyond the means of the majority. 'Why don't people want things to look great AND work well?'  To me this marriage of beauty, simplicity, ergonomics and affordability seemed like the only right way to do things.  Luckily, I have discovered that most feel the same way.  This has been my driving force ever since - to create beautiful things for all budgets that                      

I remember

The Road to Clean and Simple



Vincent Chavez is a long-time creative nomad and entrepreneur.  His first business enterprise was illegally selling Jolly Ranchers in 7th grade.  With that lucrative, but albeit brief enterprise, he saved enough money to buy his first computer which he would eventually use to begin programming internet games way back in 1994 when it was largely text based (‘Wow, only 2 hours to load a picture!’) and the dial-up modem made lots of blips and scratchy noises.  In Middle School he taught a High School after school Arts and Crafts Class.  Still to this day, he has no idea how this happened or who the genius was that had a middle schooler do this.  His first published illustration job was at the ripe age of 17 when he did the illustrations for a college textbook.  




While studying Film and Architectural Design in San Francisco, he began collecting many jobs and experiences in his consummate search for creative knowledge.  Among those jobs were a product photographer for an art toy company; design, writing and advertising for the now defunct Independent Musician magazine; shot and edited television news for a local NBC affiliate; worked at NMSU doing instructional videos for clients such as the Smithsonian, National Beef Quality Association and PBS; and eventually worked as a junior designer at a small architectural design firm in San Jose. 




During his architectural period he started to dabble with online commerce and was creating something that looked a lot like Etsy, which didn’t exist at the time.  When this store started experiencing success he began looking for a brick and mortar space in Portland, Or and instead stumbled upon a restaurant that looked like it would be fun to rehab and create a new dining experience at the genesis of the local organic food movement in Portland.  Three months later it would open and this new restaurateur was proud that he created one of the first small and affordable restaurants to be (almost all) local and organic in what is now an identifying trait of the progressive city.  The restaurant was featured in magazines, newspapers and books featuring either it's food, design or both, before he eventually sold it.  




Now he is out on his own once more in sunny Albuquerque, NM with a dream of making clean and simple design accessible to all and somehow, someway, trying to make this world a little more purty.  He remains a creative nomad, as when he's not designing for others he is currently finishing a book on navigating the creative process and will be shooting his first feature film in 2016.  


He encourages and welcomes all awesome new journeys, challenges and projects.

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