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a creative studio

a boutique one-stop creative shop
providing social media, photography, and digital design.


our clients

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social media

We create custom campaigns on any budget.  First we analyze and research your target audience, create a visual aesthetic, and work with you on a strategy that gets your brand noticed.  From one single post a week, or complex plans that we creative direct every aspect from the photography or videography to the unique message that speaks to your clients.  We get to the core of your brand and develop a unique social media strategy to tell your story and engage a new audience.  



Our goal with every photograph is to discover those perfect moments and share the soul of the people in it. Voted best Portrait Photography and Product Photography in Albuquerque on Peerspace.  


Our work has appeared in magazines, books, billboards, retail stores, and just about anywhere you can imagine.  We analyze each project to create something completely original and true to the soul of your vision.



Your business is different.  You have a different story to tell and you might not know what you want, but you know what you don't want.  You have a vision, but might not be able to articulate it or know where to start.  Or your company's website has grown stale, outdated, and now you're ready to show something unique and that is custom-made for your brand. Shoot us a message, we'd love to help.


From commercials to music videos to experimental, we approach each project with the same loving touch.


The core of each project is a delicate recipe of storytelling and emotion.  


The first question we ask, is how should it feel?  What is the emotion behind the message?  After that, the process begins.  Exploration begins.  And we work with the client to create a video that tells the story to connect with their target viewer.



Branding is what we started with.  It's what led to our name.  Branding, at it's best, is clean and simple.  In it's simplicity it tells a message, is easy to read, and memorable.  A lot can happen with just a few lines or words.  We strive to discover the best way to make your branding stand out in its purist form.



- Samantha M.

"all of my friends now want to work with clean and simple"

- Alisha G.

"had a great experience with Clean and Simple Studios!"

- Tavis M.

"literally the best person to work with ever!"

- Céline H.

"incredibly communicative and so so talented."

- Mia P.

"I would highly recommend and would use again in an instant."

- Jane B.

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